This department specializes in studying,
planning and executing the various construction projects, as well as water
grids and sewage networks, according to the customer’s vision.

The construction department imports and
exports building materials and all the necessary equipment for sewage networks
and water grids (such as: Polyethylene pipes, sewage pipes, valves,
Polyethylene accessories, etc.) in coordination with the rest of the company

Our company has real partnerships and
strong ties to the biggest Turkish building materials and pipe manufacturing
companies, which insures the execution of projects in the shortest time, the
best quality and the cheapest way possible.

A glimpse of our work:

Our construction department carried out
many projects in coordination with a number of humanitarian organizations,
like: İYD, Islamic Relief, Watan, İhsan, etc.


Of these projects:

1. A project to establish prefabricated latrines with Watan – Ihsan – IYD – Islamic Relief 

2. A project to build metal latrines with IYD

3. A project to build a water pumping station with Solidarities International